About This Bhukkad

Hello there! Wassup!

Welcome to my blog ‘thecuriousbhukkad’ which is all about Food, Food & some more Food.

As the page name states curious bhukkad, my curiosity for trying out different cuisine restaurants, cafes & even street food started when I was done visiting the same local & nearby eateries in town. It gave me a sort of ‘no variety in life’ feeling.

Euphoria! And then one fine morning my visit to a new, serene & beautifully designed Café for a breakfast helped me develop & grow my love for food & realise how important food is to change your mood instantly.

So this blog belongs to a bhukkad girl from Mumbai who thinks about food 24×7.
Sharing my food stories which took place in between going to a restaurant twice or thrice in a month to Mom yelling at me now almost every day ‘kabhi toh gharpe khaya kar’ 😀

The primary purpose of my blog is to guide all the bhukkads like me to the best restaurants & cafes in and around Mumbai giving their detail reviews and not giving a chance to upset your ever craving taste buds.

Special thanks to my besties Candy (Candida D’silva) & Vaibhoo (Vaibhav Agrawal) for being patient with me till I get the best picture of the food served on our table even when they are hungry to death. I love you guys to the moon & back 🙂

P.S. – I don’t take myself seriously, neither should you. If you can’t eat with chopsticks, leave them aside and just concentrate on enjoying your meal 🙂

To get in touch with me e-mail me at ‘thecuriousbhukkad@gmail.com’

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Happy Meal! 🙂