K. Rustom Ice Cream, Churchgate, Mumbai

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Get the most unique ice cream sandwiches nowhere but at K Rustom 🙂

To start with, if you are in South Mumbai and cry out for an ice cream then you will surely be recommended with two names – K Rustom at Churchgate & New Kulfi Centre at Chowpatty.

Started by an Iranian family, K Rustom is one of the oldest ice cream parlour in town. Do not expect it to be an outlet which has a fancy interiors or pictures to represent their ice creams but in fact, it is a simple place with not many seats in the house and you will mostly find their ice cream lovers enjoying their dessert with friends and family on a walkway right outside the shop.

As mentioned earlier, mostly known for its ice cream sandwiches, K Rustom stands unique by serving you small ice cream slabs covered with thin layer of colourful waffles.The must-try flavours are Cherry, Bitter Chocolate, Roasted Almond Crunch, Chocolate Nut and Choco Cherry. Trust me you will love all of these 🙂

If not yet experienced, then go ahead and try out new taste of ice creams other than the known brands that you were been eating till date 🙂

Happy Meal 🙂


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  1. Jeez, you bring back memories! Thanks!


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