Munch, Mahim, Mumbai

You know your meal is one of the happiest meal you had when it’s been served with love and some really tasty food which you can’t stop talking about.

I have never been to the Munch outlet and has always ordered food at my friend’s place when overnights are lazy and you wish to watch movies along with some delicious pizzas & burgers. That’s how Munch came into the picture introduced to me by my friend and had to quickly say yes for the food as she shares a good experience with Munch already. 

So the list of dishes personally experienced are:

Burgers – Classic Chicken Burger, Goan Spiced Burger & Veggie Burger

Reviews – Classic Chicken is a perfect burger to try if you don’t wish to have a big bite of a burger. Goan Spiced is delicious, the patty is spicy as well as juicy and is my personal favourite & hence highly recommended. Veggie Burger for vegetarians can be a prime choice, the patty is crunchy & tasty.

Pizza – Munch Mania, BBQ Chicken

Reviews – Munch Mania from veg option is a pizza with your choices of 5 toppings hence making it an ideal pick. Beware: The cheese is quite loaded. BBQ chicken was little dry however my friends did enjoy it.

Pasta – Alfredo with Chicken

Review – Creamy and yummy till the last morsel.

Side Orders – Have tried Fries, Garlic Bread, Potato Wedges and trust me all these options will not go wrong with your main course.

Delivery is fast, the owner Ashlyn is very helpful and will make sure you get the best of the food from Munch. Wish to try some more options from their Burger & Pizza menu.

Happy Meal! 🙂


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