Tea Villa Cafe, Grant Road, Mumbai

A casual meeting or a fun time to be spent with friends & family, newly opened Tea Villa Café in town finally gives all the townies a new place to explore and an assurance of tasty vegetarian food.

Our recent visit to Tea Villa Café was on a lazy Sunday evening when our taste buds wanted something new to eat.

Our reviews on the food tried here goes like this:

Peri Peri French Fries – Hot fries with tasty finger licking peri peri masala. Something which fries lover should surely not miss.

Mocha Frappe – Maybe not the best Mocha we have ever had. This one lacked the flavours of espresso & chocolate syrup. A slight improvement on same is what is needed.

Chocolate Shake – A complete justice to a chocolate shake, a must try beverage here.

Mexican Tortilla Pizza – A freshly baked tortilla base pizza topped with bell pepper, jalapeno, mushrooms and soft cheese along with crunchy tortilla chips. A tasty thin crust pizza with the crunchiness of tortilla chips in every bite. This was surely a winner out of all the options that we had at Tea Villa.

Tea Villa is also famous for their Waffles, Pancakes and Freak shakes. This time we did not have that appetite left to try all these but they are surely on our list for our next visit to the café.

A great music at the background adds up to your good mood while enjoying the tasty morsels here.

Happy Meal! 🙂


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