The Midnight Kitchen, Girgaum, Mumbai


Finally, South Mumbai gets its very first midnight food delivery outlet.

The Midnight Kitchen will surely come as a rescue when those midnight hunger pangs strikes you.

Our review on the food that we ordered from TMK goes like this:

Cheese Garlic Bread – Loaded with cheese, garlic bread served by TMK is all worth trying. First try of it & it will definitely force you to call some more.

Desi Tadka Maggi – Our very own favourite maggi cooked in desi style serves as a treat for all spicy food lovers. Delicious till the last bite. 
Melodrama Popsicle – A combination of watermelon & orange flavor with a piece of kiwi is one of the best popsicle we have ever tried. It will surely take you to the old childhood days where popsicles were our favourite desserts.

Cold Coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream – Chilled & soothing, cold coffee was prepared to perfection & something which cold coffee lovers should not miss.

Food was delivered on time as promised by TMK.

So to all SOBO foodies, you can finally stop starving at midnight & order food from TMK.

Happy Meal! 🙂


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