Mama Mia! Charni Road, Mumbai


Mama Mia has always been our rescuer from a boring tinde sabzi cooked at home or during month ends when budgets are tight.

Mostly famous among college goers, Mama Mia is one of the oldest food joints in South Bombay.

The list of food tried here goes like this:

Garlic Bread Supreme – To be explained then it’s a ritual to have garlic bread as starters here at Mama Mia. Brimming with Cheese, garlic bread here is highly recommended.

Manchow Soup – Everybody’s favourite soup Manchow is simmered here with perfect flavours to quickly delight your hunger pangs.

Chilli Garlic Potato Fries – Fiery in taste, potato fries tossed in garlic & schezwan sauce are delicious & addictive.

Partita-A-Quattro – One of our all-time favourite pizza at Mama Mia. Barbequed Chicken with Mushrooms & Chicken Salami does make this pizza an irresistible one.

Italian Spice – With basic toppings of Spicy Chicken, Capsicum & Corn this pizza is made to perfection for foodies who prefer chicken chunks which are spicy and loaded with yummy cheese.

Chicken Check-Mate Burger – This burger might not look as fancy as the burgers we get at famous fast food restaurants but it is surely tasty and satisfying.

Triple Schezwan Rice – With a typical Indian-Chinese taste, triple schezwan rice comes in enough quantity along with the taste that leaves you drooling.

So for all Pizza & Chinese lovers, if your low on budget & still dream for tasty food then Mama Mia can be your ideal choice as the food here will surely make you say ‘Mama Miaaaaa’.

Simple ambience & quick service.

Happy Meal! 


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