Birdsong – The Organic Cafe, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

One fine Sunday, and as usual me & my friend were checking out new cafes in Bandra for a quick brunch.

We are basically an organic food fan and this is the main reason why we opted for Birdsong-The Organic Café.

The list of food savored here goes like this:-

Chicken Chimichuri with Plantain Chip – Chicken was fresh, tender & juicy. Plantain Chips which are basically made of raw bananas were tasty and served as a unique combination with Chicken. The best choice you will make to relish on.

Special Herbal Tea – A perfect cup of tea if you are looking for some relaxation to your mind and soul.

Chocolate Brownie – A gluten free brownie to accompany with tea. Warm, delicious and a must have.

Relax & enjoy the food which is gluten & chemical free. Talking about the ambience than it is calm, beautiful and will help you to relax your mind. Service too is quick.

Happy Meal 🙂


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