Oasiss Desserts, Matunga East, Mumbai

Oasis Dessert is located on a street which is already crowded with bountiful of dessert corners. But the only reason to try out Oasis is that they have some varied, unique yet delicious options of confectionaries to serve you. From cakes to ice creams, shakes to chocolates, you enter this dessert parlour & you get to see some eye-catching desserts.

Our review of the desserts that we ordered here goes like this..

Belgian Waffle with Strawberries – This waffle item is from the Strawberry Festival which is currently going on here. The waffle was served hot & was topped with fresh strawberry chunks & chocolate syrup. We usually love the combination of waffles with fruits & this one served at Oasis too was delicious.

Cookie Monster Ice Cream – It was one of its kind ice cream for us. With a scoop of ice cream which was basically a mixture of cookie & ice cream was topped with our choice of a black cone. Ice cream tasted yummy & the sweetness of same was perfectly balanced with the taste of the cookie.

Red Velvet Ice Cream – A little gooey & icy cold, this ice cream did not taste perfectly like a red velvet flavour. But we definitely liked the gooeyness of it.

Brownie Crumbled Chocolate Shake – Something we loved the most here. There was a taste of brownie, milk, chocolate & everything that they promised to add. We didn’t mind to drink another one.

The ambience of this cafe is all white & cute with famous dessert quotes that are embossed on all walls.

Happy Meal! 🙂


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