Smoque Burgers, Worli, Mumbai

Smoque Burgers is a new food outlet delivering Burgers of which the ingredients are cooked over Charcoal. A quick plan for a brunch & we thought to give Smoque Burgers a try.

We ordered a Fry Thy Chick Burger, Rings of Fire Burger & one Cookie Dough Shake.

Fry Thy Chick – With crunchy fried chicken & double fried eggs & lot of other veggies & sauces this burger is quite a heavy one. If you love some eggs that oozes out of your burger then this burger is an ideal for you guys. What we liked most about this burger was the crunchy chicken patty. We give the entire marks to the patty. Surely, a recommended burger from our side.

Rings of Fire – We have always been fans of onion rings & mostly get a chance to order them only as appetizers. But here at Smoque Burgers, they are part of your burger. What else we could have asked. Tangy Sriracha mayo was a hero here. Again a surely recommended burger.

Also, our delivery was on time.

Happy Meal! 🙂


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